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SSH login

As an alternative to authentication with a password, you can use one time passwords with your SSH keys. The following process is required:

  1. add your SSH public key to your account under “Edit Settings”

  2. next time you want to login, on the login page, click on “Sign in with your SSH key instead”

  3. you will be presented with a small random string challenge that you have to sign with the proper SSH private key. An example command line incantation to generate a signature for the challenge 8d408684fd and key ~/.id_rsa is:

    printf '8d408684fd' | ssh-keygen -Y sign -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa -n sic | xclip -selection clipboard

    xclip will copy the signature in your system clipboard.

  4. Paste the signature within the short time window in the form and log in.

Note: signing with ssh-keygen requires a recent enough version of it.

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NNTP server

NNTP is a very old protocol used to distribute “articles” to users, much like a mailing list. The community has an experimental NNTP bridge that exposes posts to NNTP.

How to connect with your client

Connect to the site’s url in the port 563: If your client allows authentication, you can optionally log in with your account. The server is read-only for unathenticated users.

How to post/reply

Posts via NNTP must use NNTP. It is possible to reply via the mailing list also, though. To set the metadata of your post use the following NNTP headers:

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