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epilys wrote :

Hello folks,

It's time I write down what I have in mind for the website and ask for your thoughts and feedback. The gist is:

  • posts (stories or text posts) can have one or many tags
  • tags can have a parent tag, so tags are hierarchical
  • you (the user) can "follow" tags by grouping them in tag aggregations, which is basically a collection of tags with a common theme
  • those aggregations can be public or private, and can be created by users
  • public aggregations can be subscribed by other users
  • aggregations can have story filters in order to control what shows up

self-organising content / communities

Without assigning discrete categories to the website (such as reddit's subreddits) subcommunities can arise from neighboring tags. If I follow for example only "mathematics" tags, I will see and talk to people who also have the same interest.

I'd like to somehow calculate what are the most active of those communities and translate them into "default" aggregations. These would be suggested to new users.

story filters

For each tag in an aggregation you can associate a depth and story filters. Depth is that of the tree made up by the tag as root and descendant tags below. Default depth is 0 which means that if a post is tagged only as database theory and that tag's parent is computer science, a computer science association with depth of zero won't show that post.

Filters can exclude specific tags, domains and users from an aggregation. To allow exceptions, there are "include" filters as well that override the exclusion ones.

This is not implemented in the public website but I have an initial attempt on a public branch.

community growth - how can someone join the website?

Invitation-only registration can be a deterrent since it requires extra effort compared to filling a registration form. I have added the ability to request an invite here. Requests will be public for users only here where you can invite the people who requested an account or "vote" in favor or not the request. You can also add non-voting comments. I maybe over-engineered this a bit, but the reasoning was that the requesting person is known to one of us and is abusive. Of course that won't help much if someone had already invited them, though.

I'd like to hear your thoughts, suggestions, disagreements.

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